30DW Days 3 & 4 – Looking for Lakes and Showing Siblings

What is 30 Days Wild? Find out here: 30DW – Getting Involved

June 3rd – Searching for a new lake but no luck

Today my Dad and I decided to find something new. More specifically, somewhere new to visit. We had noticed that there was a lake unknown to us near to my dad’s house, so we decided to check it out.

Unfortunately, it turns out that it’s actually a private lake and we have no way of getting to it. Although we didn’t get to enjoy what we set out to do, we still had a nice, long walk around the lake’s perimeter. 

To make up for this, we decided to have a lovely picnic at the usual place: Horseshoe Lake. We sat beside the lake underneath a small flight of Swallows as we ate our dinner. As we left I spotted a Tree Bumblebee resting on a fence. I took a few photos and recorded it on the Great British Bee Count app to help keep track of Britan’s bees. You might want to check it out for yourself, it’s a good idea!

 In the evening we had a brief walk around Swan Lake in preparation for tomorrow! We spent quite a while just watching a Heron on the opposite side of the lake, standing on a branch for a long time – we had to leave it in then end.

June 4th – Showing my siblings around Swan Lake

I decided to involve my younger brothers and sister in today’s random act of wildness. The four of us set out on an evening walk around Swan Lake, only minutes from our house. Though it is relatively uneventful (being a fishing lake and all), there were quite a few things that interested us.

We found this broken egg on the ground beside the water’s edge. At first, we thought it was a hatched Mallard eggshell but we’re no experts so we could be wrong. It is the correct size, shape and location but we may be wrong. This completely-dry eggshell wasn’t where we found it when I came yesterday, suggesting to us that it was freshly hatched and made for an interesting find.

We also found some odd looking mushrooms. We don’t know what type they are but we were sure to stay away!

Though our stay was short we had lots of fun and managed to learn a thing or two from nature.

Stay wild!

30DW Days 1 & 2 – Wildlife Walks and Searching For Owlets

What is 30 Days Wild? Find out here: 30DW – Getting Involved

June 1st – Wildlife walk around Horseshoe lake and feeding the ducks

Finally, the first official day of 30 Days Wild! I decided to start the month off by taking a long wildlife walk around Horseshoe Lake with my best friend! Continue reading “30DW Days 1 & 2 – Wildlife Walks and Searching For Owlets”

30 Days Wild – Getting Involved

For those of you that don’t know: 30 Days Wild, the month-long nature challenge, is taking place in just a few days!
I definitely plan to take part with my family and record every day on my blog. We have already received our free pack from The Wildlife Trusts to help us through the month and have lots of fun ideas planned! Continue reading “30 Days Wild – Getting Involved”

Breathtaking Views Of Israel

A small collection of photographs from my trip

This is a small collection of some of the many photos I took on my week-long trip to Israel. We went to see family (which was fun) but we did a lot more than that!

Unfortunately, the weather was against us when most of the photos were taken so they didn’t turn out too great. Some are hazy and some are grey, but you can still see the stunning view (more or less).  Continue reading “Breathtaking Views Of Israel”

How Can We Help Birds This Spring?

I’m not sure what it is about them, but I love birds. Although ‘birds’ are a massively broad group, they’re collectively my favourite animals, after foxes of corse! And as we are nearing the spring time, I thought it would be a good idea to create something to benefit beautiful birds.

Watch this short video that I created for some more information and a few great ideas: Continue reading “How Can We Help Birds This Spring?”

Get Involved With Badgers

Want to help out your local badgers? Here are a few ways you can do so, for some you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home!

There are approximately 288,000 badgers in the United Kingdom. This may seem like a large number, but an estimated 45,000 are killed in road accidents every year.

A shocking fact from the Binfield Badger Group website.
Continue reading “Get Involved With Badgers”

Fact File: Badger

Is it just me or is this animal underappreciated? Maybe if we knew more about them, there would be more for us to admire.

This captivating creature has always been an extremely rare sight for me, I think I have only ever seen three badgers, if not beside the road, in my whole life! Unfortunately, due to them being nocturnal, the likelihood of seeing any by chance is low. Continue reading “Fact File: Badger”

Introduction To My Blog

Here is a little insight to why I have created this blog and what it will be all about.

Hello, everyone!

I attempted this blogging dream of mine last year in the form of a travel and photography blog. This year, however, I am starting fresh with an idea even closer to my heart; Nature.

This blog will include all sorts of things from wildlife fact files to my own personal experiences with nature. Continue reading “Introduction To My Blog”